Mission & Vision


Eastman aspires to improve the value, wealth and well-being of all its stakeholders, thereby becoming the most preferred supplier in every country it operates in.

To become the most preferred supplier in the countries that we operate in, by offering top-quality, value-for-money products, made possible through aggressive sourcing quality products and building high efficiencies in value chain.



To achieve group turnover of US $125 million by the year 2013. Eastman Industries Limited is expected to contribute a major share in this planned turnover. This target will be achieved by increasing the sales volumes of existing products range and as well as identifying new products and customers. Eastman Industries Limited may also collaborate with strong overseas business partner in making strategic alliance.


Our Strength
Eastman Group has always sought to be value driven organization. These values continue to direct the group’s growth and business.The more core values under printing the way we do business are:


abt-banns-001As a specialist company our years of experience puts us in the fortunate position of having fantastic supply options.


abt-banns-002By utilizing the latest developments in Manufacturing & Information Technology we are able to minimize overhead costs which allow us to work on very small margins profits. These savings are reflected in our prices.


abt-banns-003We issue you with the Pro-Forma invoice detailing the product purchased, Quantities, Prices, Shipping and Payment Terms.


abt-banns-004We maintain the highest standards of quality in our products, workmanship and customer relationship. Our dedication is reflected in the kind of patronage we have been enjoying since our inception. As a customer driven company, it is our goal to provide the best and most cost effective products.


abt-banns-005To provide proper service, any claim settlement & finalization of deals face to face, We usually visit our customers three times in year.